Al Mounir Quran Device (printed on a roll)

Its features:

  • Ease of tajweed recitation through color coding (Tajweed Quran).
  • The transition between the surahs is through the device directly with one click.
  • The device can be used by three people, a private memory for each person.
  • The letters of the Quran are real printed letters.
  • Clarity of the Quran’s words through the device’s internal lighting.
  • Easy to use for all ages.

Al Mounir Digital Quran Device

Its features:

  • Several reciters (Abd Al-Basit, Al-Ghamdi, Jibril, Al-Husari, Al-Shatri, Al-Hudhaifi, Al-Sudais, Habash, Aref Al-Asali, Mutasem Alasali).
  • Enlarge the words three times with the touch of your finger on the available buttons.
  • Comprehensive control of the device’s functions with the remote control.
  • It is your dream that has come true, for a humbled recitation, especially during prayer.
  • Shows interpretations (Ibn Katheer / Al-Jalalin / Makhlouf) and reasons for revelation.
  • Search for the relevant verses for any topic that interests you in your religion and your life.
  • Choose a Quranic Narration from several Narrations (Hafs, Warsh, Qaloon, Al-Dori).
  • Choose a translation for the meanings of the Quran (English, French, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Russian, Chinese, Malay/Indonesian).
  • Listen to the voice of the reciter of your choice accompanied by an audio translation (for the Quran’s expressions in English or French color-coded letters).
  • A bag that saves the Holy Quran device and helps to carry it in your hand.

Al Mounir Quran Device printed on a roll - audio

Developed from the first version of Al-Mounir Roller
Its features:
Same features that is available in the first version, with adding a hearing feature of the voice of the reciter.

The production of Al-Mounir has stopped due to the destruction of its factory as a result of the war in our dear country, Syria, and the three versions of Almounir product ran out. Dar Almarifa is currently working on developing a new version of Almounir Digital, to simulate the latest technological developments. It seeks to produce it in a stable work environment that meets the conditions; so that Almounir will return to you with more advanced technology and service for you at an affordable price

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